In order to put a solid basis for the skill sections of the characters, This page will display the guidelines for the Skills and Power Levels of said characters. These rules apply to all characters, no matter what type of character or who authored the page. There will also be a section on techniques, which will cover the guidelines for those also.


Skills are the basic abilities that a character gains or is given at the time of creation. These spur on the general fighting style of the character, and are rarely changed. Below are the ruls for the wiki pertaining to the skills of the characters that any author will create.


Number of Skills- Some authors may either pack their characters with skills or have only a few. This can either have a system that makes it fair or doesn't, such as having twenty different skills all pertaining to such things as indestructability and the ability to point a finger at an opponent, say "BOOM", and have their head implode. These are not correct skill sets. However, such things as a scale of balance would help, such as this:

  • Seven Skills-Relatively Weak
  • Six Skills-Intermediate Power
  • Five Skills-Somewhat powerful
  • Four Skills-Powerful
  • Three Skills-Very powerful

The point of this rule is to balance out the number of abilities your character has with the power they have.

Types of Skills- Some other authors have varying skills that compliment each other, some just go off the deep end. If two skills contradict each other or cannot be in the same body but still are, then that is most likely not only unfair, it is also illogical. Here is an example:

Taken from Naruto: A character is a child born from an Uchiha and a Hyuuga cannot have both the Sharingan and the Byakugan.

Taken from generic magic story: a character cannot use both opposing types of magic without a setback.

If skills oppose each other, the least there should be is a setback for using the skills in tandem.

Effects of Skills- Certain effects from a skill may or may not become a fair or unfair advantage. This could range from the ability to control time to such speed that it would literally be impossible to land a hit on the user.

These are not allowed, period. Not only do they discourage balanced characters and create a negatively competitive atmosphere, they take the fun out of a fight or RP when they just beat the bad guys in a single post. In this case, character's skills cannot have the following effects:

  • One hit KOs
  • Temporal control
  • Spacial control, to a point
  • Times-space control, messing with events past
  • Indestructability

Development of Skills- Characters cannot be created with certain skills, as everybody develops over time. there will be exceptions made, but there must be something to balance the character's existence out. for instance, a leader of an organization is extremely powerful, and can easily beat most high skill fighters. The balance would be that the leader rarely feels the need to fight and prefers not to resort to such actions. In effect, he doesn't fight as much.

But, as with most main characters in tv shows, comic books, or literature, there is an extensive period of development, allowing the character to evolve to a good amount of skill. These will obviously be used more often, and as such is balanced out to the point of exhausting the character's traits and ending up moving on to another one.

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