Here the rules and regulations for the wiki will be posted.

These following statements will be implemented, and will be followed. Certain rules have penalties, others do not. If these certain rules shall be broken with full intention of doing so or with full knowledge, then the user(s) that have taken this course of action will take the punishment accordingly.


Regarding ContentEdit

User PagesEdit

  • Users shall refrain from posting the following content on their user pages:
    • Explicit content, such as extreme language, racist comments, sexist comments, or sexually harassing comments.
    • Pornographic material. This includes videos, images, animations, or any other form of pornography.
  • While it is neither discouraged nor encouraged by the administration, Users should be careful when displaying personal facts and/or information. In this case please refrain from disclosing too much information. The administration on the wiki shall not ask for any such information as well.
  • Information about a user's articles should be kept under categories, and, if the need arises, should be kept on a seperate page, with a link from the user's user page.

Character PagesEdit

  • Characters are suggested to have the following sections on their pages:
    • History
    • Infobox
    • Skills
    • Appearance/Personality

While these are not requirements, these should be the basis for creating a character page.for more on Skills, go here

  • Characters may not have erotic or explicit content on their pages. Images are not required. This includes hentai, porn, etc. Nudity is not allowed, as is partial nudity.
  • Characters will have a set guideline of power and/or skills outlined for them, as shown here
  • Character pages cannot be a single infobox. If these pages are not changed within 2-3 days, these will become candidates for deletion.

RP pagesEdit

  • RP specific rules are set by the host of the RP. These rules cannot contradict the rules set on this page, and if done so the RP will be shut down until the rules are changed. Rules set on top of these that do not contradict these rules are legal, and should be followed.
  • RPs cannot include overly erotic material, unless there is a warning posted at the top of said page. If this warning is not issued at the time of creation, then the page will automatically be put up for deletion.
  • There is no limit to the number of people an RP can hold. This number is set by the host of said RP.
  • RP hosts cannot exclude any user from signing up, based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or preferences.

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