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Parren Quilvet
Age 31
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Current Affiliation Guardians
Fighter Category Swordsman
Current Location Guardians HQ
Magic Type Metal
Rank Captain/Founder

Personal InformationEdit


Parren is the best friend and partner of James Payne, as they had grown up in the same town and trained together since they were teenagers.

Early HistoryEdit

Parren was born into a fairly small family, with one younger brother. The males in his family had always been trained in order to join the military, but when he told his parents after being taught how to fight at the age of ten that he didn't wish to join the army, his parents never truly looked at him the same way. He grew up alienated from them, while still tolerating them, but his bond with them was broken. He and his brother were still friends, but when he was killed in a war, Parren vowed never to participate in war. At the age of fourteen, he was seeking work, when he found an open position at a factory that made swords, which his parents supported greatly.

With his genial personality and overall good leadership skills, he quickly rose through the ranks while practicing with swords as a sport with his friend. He was eventually promoted to floor manager, and astounded the owners in how he knew all of the workers' names and could greet each and every one with a smile and a hand shake every morning. One day, when he was seventeen, the owners went on a business trip, in order to expand their business, as they had experienced unprecedented growth recently, with his help. As a matter of course, they left Parren in control of the factory for three days, and for the first day everything went fine.

The second day there was a wave of demons that ransacked the factory at noon, and many of his friends and coworkers were injured or possibly killed. He led a revolt against the occupying monsters and drove them out, helping any and all those who were damaged. The third day came, and they had just finished cleaning up the mess, when Parren handed in his resignation. The owners were shocked by this proposal, but Parren told what happened and decided to join his friend in creating an organization that would avert such catastrophes. they regretfully accepted the resignation, and Parren walked out of the doors of the factory with the best model of sword they could make, free of charge.

He traveled with James, and also assisted in the creation of the new headquarters.

Recent HistoryEdit

Parren had since changed his mind about war, and now is standing more in the middle about it. he is now the first captain, and heads a special squad of demon hunters


A Swordsman's Swordsman: Parren has perhaps concentrated far more on sword fighting than anyone else in the organization, and is on par with James in this skill.

Alchemist: Parren specializes in alchemy, a type of metal magic, and often utilizes metal in his attacks, wether it be spears created out of thin air or iron sand used as a defense.

High Pressure: Parren has a secondary magic alignment, wind, and he often uses these attacks at devastating effect, such as the Fraccia del Mortalita

Parren has been practicing swordplay as long as James has, and they often sparred together. The two friends could be considered at the same level, and whenever there's a swordfighting tournament that they both enter, it becomes one of the most watched events of the year.

Parren's magic style circles around metal and wind magic, incorportaing the two into short and close range offense and defense. His metal attacks are often used to confuse or defend, as it is much stronger against physical attacks, and he uses wind attacks for offense as they are effective at any range.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Parren carries a laid back and a young "I'm invincible"-stage appearance, rarely regarding actual fashion, but still taking it into account enough to look good. He often wears very casual clothing, maybe a button down shirt with black jeans for meetings, but that's pretty much as far as he's willing to go.

His armor is not unlike James', but it does have a few differences. Parren wears the same white denim jacket as his friend, but has an extra layer of armor strapped to the left side of his chest, extending down to just above his waist, to the middle of his chest, and to the middle left of his back. This is used to protect his open side, as he fights right handed and seems to neglect attacks and defending such attacks in "4".

Parren is like James in personality, but considerably less serious. He laughs a lot, he talks a lot, and he works less than his friend, and his almost need to constantly be with friends causes him to seek reasons to hang out with the guys. He likes parties and celebrations, and often hosts them himself, always turning them into jolly occasions. In battle, Parren throws away his fun loving side and puts on the mask that says that battle is serious, so should I be.


  • Parren and fifteenth captain Megan Catzern had been in a relationship for a while, until they broke up for some unknown reason. When the other captains hear of this, most of their minds blew up.
  • Parren has been known to be a very effective teacher, but his status as a formidable warrior is often flattered by experienced members, especially to new members. This often causes inexperienced fighters to fear him inappropriately, and refuse any practice sparring requests from him.
  • Since Parren's quarter in the Guardians HQ is relatively small, he has had fields grown on top of his buildings, and he often holds practices there.

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