James Payne
Age 31
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Current Affiliation Guardians
Fighter Category Swordsman
Current Location Guardians HQ
Magic Type General
Rank Leader/Founder

Personal InformationEdit


James Payne is the leader and main founder of the demon hunting and military organization the Guardians.

Early HistoryEdit

James was born into an average family, with an unaverage number of kids. Being the eldest of five, he learned how to lead in an at least crude and simple way, but he set an example for his younger siblings and grew up fit and healthy, otherwise an average child.

When he reached the age of fifteen, he found a flier for swordplay lessons at his local sword shop, and he decided that it was worth the silver to go. Afterwards, he was so immersed in the workings of swordplay that he searched for any other way to learn more about this craft, and at the age of nineteen, he opened his own acade,y in his home town in order to teach sword fighting. He gained valuable practice, as well as fame from this endeavor, and he soon gained enough money to open his own business.

He was now twenty, And he had decided to put his sword skills to the test, as he opened a demon-hunting business with his two friends, Parren Quilvet and Megan Catzern. They drew a small following, and a bigger name for themselves by hunting down the monsters that destroyed crops, carried off livestock and killed soldiers. After fighting for their wages and their lives sometimes for two years, James realized he needed to expand his practice. He eventually packed his belongings, as well as his sword, and set off with Parren to find the most optimal spot to set up shop for a larger, more powerful demon hunting business.

He traveled across lands he had never seen before, found potential members in areas he never expected, and, after traveling for a year to the day, he found the peak of Mt. Kenshasi. He climbed the large mound until he reached a good height and drilled into the mountainside with some unknown means, and created a cave in the middle of the mountain's interior, sleeping and eating there for a few days as he worked his way outward with the help of Parren. Once he deemed it a complete work, he abandoned the cave and placed an explosive in the cave where he resided, and detonated the bomb. The peak fell inwards, and he and the two began to clear out the crater that would be the groundwork for their new city.

Recent HistoryEdit

James had since founded the headquarters of the new Guardians, and had recruited fifteen captains including Parren and Megan to assist him in becoming the most effective demon hunting organization in the world.


God of War: James had researched war tactics thoroughly when he was traveling, once residing the cathedral like libraries of the fourteenth captain, and is considered to be a fairly skilled in tactical warfare.

Excellence in Swordsmanship: James, having trained in swordplay for the majority of his life, is considered to be one of the best swordsmen in the Guardians, if not the best.

Strange Magical Alignment: James has a strange but lucky magical alignment, which allows him at least normal skill in all types of magic. Take into account he wouldn't be as good at ice magic as his second captain or as good at fire magic as his fifth, but he has at least some advanced abilities.

James has an appropriate skill set for the leader of the Guardians, an all around fighter excelling in swordplay. He likes to channel magic energy into his blade to enhance the effects of his attacks, and often also utilizes elemental magic in tandem with his sword.

In terms of magical ability, James could be considered advanced in all of the categories, but not a master. His special magical alignment allows him to use all types of magic at sufficient levels, but this hampers his power in each style.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

James appears as a young, mature man, with close shaven facial hair and deep brown hair, cut at a short length.

He's not know very well for his height, a fact that Ean Eromalc, as well as most of the othe men of the captains, like to use as a factor against him, just for fun. He has been described as "pumped", which he denies, but some people have commented on his fitness. He keeps a very college age appearance, and often wears a regular t-shirt and jeans when he's not working, donning a white denim jacket that zips up at the side for armor in a battle.

James is a very laid back person, but likes to have his moments of being serious, especially in moments where a serious leader is necessary.

When out with friends, just wandering the city, taking a walk, or eating lunch (or drinking some of his favorite brews) he takes on a young, happy, still-single mindset, which lightens the mood considerably. He likes to be "evil" to some people, causing them mental discomfort in the form of annoyances, or dumping work on them. Other than that, he's a completely nice person, or so he advocates.

When teaching or fighting, James likes to have fun either way, but in the former he likes to torture his students with physically taxing exercises or workouts that would push them far beyond their limits, and forcing them to hold that limit for as long as he deems necessary. The latter has him taunt or make jokes with his opponent, often goading them into attacking first if he knows he can do it. When he feels that he is going up against one of extreme self control, he makes small attacks and cuts at them, just to get them warmed up, as well as himself. During heavy battle, he sometimes becomes very serious for his personality, rarely joking or making light conversation, and often tries to stay as simple as possible in order to measure the strength and mindset of the opponent.


  • James likes unhealthy food, often indulging in a beer and burger when he arrives at his room in the dorms. This causes his friends and subordinates to question how he stays fit, and he simply answers "Because I work out more than you."
  • James' saber is the exact same one he bought when he was seventeen, most likely attributed to the fact he can use alchemy in order to easily repair metallic objects. When observing it up close, most would see an infinite amount of scratches and dings on the blade's edge, but not only does it remain sharp, he likes to "fix" it to make it seem brand new, so any arrogant fighters believe he had just bought it, thus implying he is inexperienced.

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