The Guardians is an organization based on the concept of a military force for hire, in a way.

The organization is renowned for its fighting capabilities, and as such has been looked at as nothing more than an army, by most governments and people outside of the continent. Upon actually registering in the Guardians, it is seen that they're not killing machines, they have hearts, and are certainly not merciless and blood thirsty.

The group is organized into forces, with a total of fifteen forces and sixteen leaders, or captains. These captains each have an assistant, or two, that handles most things that they themselves cannot do. Under these are many guardsmen, each of their own skills and level of experience. Despite this, the leader, James Payne, prefers to treat every single member the same. Excluding himself, of course.


Main Article: James Payne

Leader of the Guardians: James Payne

James Payne is a very charismatic and what some of his subordinates call "evil" leader. He is the original founder of the organization and is often likened to a one man army by normal guardsmen, much to the embarassment or annoyance of himself. However, as expected of the leader of the organization, he is no greenhorn, and he can hold up against quite a few fighters. He is know for his extensive history in sword fighting, having taught most of the captains who use them how to fight with a blade.

First ForceEdit

Main Article: Parren Quilvet

First Captain: Parren Quilvet

Parren is often known as a very friendly person, and his genial personality has often gotten him into or out of trouble. He likes to become well known to every new guardsmen his force gets, and some marvel at his ability to get all of this done. He is James' best friend, both hailing from the same town and having trained together from their teens. He, as is James, is adept at the sword, but focuses more on wind-type attacks that specialize in quick, destructive attacks. He was once in a relationship with the fifteenth captain Megan Catzern, but they had been long broken up when the Guardians were formed.

Main Article: Jak Lenson

Assistant Captain: Jak Lenson

Jak Lenson entered the Guardians at a fairly late time, at least two years after they were formed. He quickly rose through the ranks and caught the attention of Parren, who even at that time had yet to choose an assistant captain. Jak is somewhere between the second captain Ean Eromalc and Parren in skill, occasionally regressing to a point under the younger man. He has taken Parren's philosophy of fighting at a different angle, going more for speed and confusing attacks from multiple angles.

Second ForceEdit

Main Article: Ean Eromalc

Second Captain: Ean Eromalc

Ean Eromalc is by far one of the most well known captains of the Guardians besides James outside of the walls. He is often out of the HQ, most likely accompanied by his trusty warbike, and always ready for a battle. He is of the frost race and as such has an affinity for ice attacks. He is known as the coldest of the captains, almost literally, and often shuts out those he does not know or dislikes very easily. He only has a few very close friends, and he only ever warms up to those who warm up to him first. This was a constant pattern until a girl named Nami met him, and they began to form a bond, leading to a relationship. He likes to fight with his dual swords, and as such has a certain advantage over a normal swordsman.

Main Article: Sam Wils

Assistant Captain: Sam Wils

Sam Wils is... eccentric to say the least. He is the head scientist of the R and D department, and automatically the assistant captain of the second force. He is the brain behind Ean's brawn, and together in battle they rarely lose. Now, this is not implying Ean is all muscle, he is far from it. But, Sam is lacking in powerful close range attacks, and as such Ean makes up for it. What Sam does specialize in is very sophisticated and maze-like fighting, creating such puzzles to complete in order to attack him that he has long finished the opponent by the time they get an opening. He is very serious, and often goofy, as he has the ability to roll his eyes in different directions. He often uses this to show boredom.

Third ForceEdit

Main Article: Gaston Powers

Third Captain: Gaston Powers

Gaston is the type of guy who contradicts everybody so much he ends up getting into fights with them no matter the circumstances. He can be called violent, but that is only when he is in a negative disposition. The more occurring side of his personality is fun loving and wacky, entertaining friends with his antics. He and Ean are best friends, and rivals on top of that, so his entire reaction to the world might as well be described by that one relationship. Gaston is a user of a special type of technique called E-skin, and his type allows basic tenacity. He cannot be cut, broken, or damaged easily, as his type is the iron skin. Sadly, he has no sklls beyond his close range hand-to-hand, so his attacks are detracted in power overall from this.

Main Article: Steven Powers

Assistant Captain: Steven Powers

As you may have guessed, Steven Powers is not only Gaston Powers' brother, they are also twins. As per the fact that they had lived together for a long time, they would also have trained in similar arts of war. Steven and Gaston both use hand to hand combat, and the synonymous skill set crosses over into techniques, as Steven also uses the E-skin. His type, however, is the stone skin, not as powerful as the iron skin but still very high on the power scale. He is at least as controversial with people as his brother, and has very few people who see him as a good person.

Fourth ForceEdit

Main Article: Jenifer Follman

Fourth Captain: Jenifer Follman

Jenifer was one of the first female members of the Guardians, along with her good friend Jenni Orson. She is very famous in the organization for being a feminist, which gets on Ean Eromalc's nerves almost constantly. Despite this, she makes friends with many people, and is even in a relationship with Chris Lien. She uses a type of magic called sorcery, which deals with nature. since this transfers over to a type of life style, her character as a person has a lot to do natural things, such as clothing and living space. She dislikes the inner city, and has customized her force's area to fit a more park-like structure. This also ties in with her style of magic, which most of the force uses anyway.

Main Article: Éstele Yran

Assistant Captain: Éstele Yran

Éstele, or Stell, as her friends like to call her, is the self proclaimed pacifist of the fourth force. The fact she is a pacifist has raised many a question as to why she is in a military group. Whenever she's within earshot of this question, she answers calmly "Because I like it for the cause". This would imply that she prefers the Guardians because they have a just cause, or to her at least. She utilizes light style attacks, which range from blinding light to beams of concentrated sunlight, giving her role on the battle field a very diverse part.

Fifth ForceEdit

Main Article: Scarr Eromalc

Fifth Captain: Scarr Eromalc

Scarr Eromalc, like Gaston and Steven Powers is the brother of Ean Eromalc. Ironically, they have no physical resemblance whatsoever, they even have opposite personalities. Some say this is just sibling adversity, but Ean claims another reason behind it. Scarr was once a powerful Kitsune, and retains most of the mischevious personality. He carries the second largest weapon used by the Guardians captains, the claymore dubbed Absolut. This is a transforming sword, and on top of Scarr's excelling in most battlefield roles, he has been known to be called "The best fighter under James". He seems very young, in hil very late teens or very early twenties, but in fact he is at least 1456 years old.

Main Article: Kev Kenned

Assistant Captain: Kev Kenned

Kev is one of Scarr's friends that share such a bond that they seem like brothers. He hailed from one of the most violent cities in the region, where his brother decided to join the Guardians for work in order to support their mother. Eventually, He left the position, and, upon hearing of his brother, Scarr sent for Kev to fill his brother's post of assistant captain. Kev wields one of the heaviest weapons ion the force, a Titan Class Crossbow. It is at least as tall as he is, and it has over two hundred pounds of draw. The mechanism is fitted with a special device allowing him to pull the drawstring without lopping his fingers off.

Splinter CaptainsEdit

There is no real difference between these captains and the captains that are housed in the HQ, besides the obvious fact that they do not have the same skills or location of operation. These captains are very diverse, and since they don't have the same base as the HQ, they often impose their own styles or rules.

Sixth ForceEdit

Main Article: Jonithen Innett

Sixth Captain: Jonithen Innett

Jonithen is nicknamed "the leprachaun" for a good reason. He is easily the shortest captain, but this does not diminish his personality or skill. He takes advantage of his size and speed by becoming the Guardians' shock troop leader, forming his own shock corp from his force. These people include the fastest guardsmen in the organization, as well as those who know how to strike hard and fast. Jonathen is the wielder of two daggers, each with small nodes on the ends of the pommels. These are directly linked to his skill and magic type, and he generally generates attacks from his weapons.

Main Article: Kirsten Young

Assistant Captain: Kirsten Young

Kirsten Young is one of the two assistant captains of the sixth force, along with Natasha Dernava. Most newcomers to the force that have heard only the basic setup of the organization ask why Jonithen chose two assistant captains, and everyone who is seasoned in said force replies "because he couldn't choose". Kirsten uses a special type of gun-like device that can fire one round of high explosives every two minutes. This is mainly because the velocity these are fired at would melt the barrel if used more than once in that time span, and that the recoil would put unnecessary strain on the user.

Main Article: Natasha Dernava

Assistant Captain: Natasha Dernava

Natasha Dernava is one of the two assistant captains of the sixth force, along with Kirsten Young. She hails from a far off land, and has a shaky grasp on the normal language that most people speak in the region, but she knows how to use it efficiently at least. Natasha utilizes a special magic that bends the weather to the user's will. This can manifest in gusts to blizzards to even hurricanes, but she has not had extensive training in such arts, so she isn't as skilled as most would think.

Seventh ForceEdit

Main Article: Jacob Dreinhenge

Seventh Captain: Jacob Dreinhenge

Jacob Dreinhenge is the basic opposite of Jonithen Innett. He is the tallest of the Captains, prefers strength over speed, and to top it all off, is considered a complete ass by his colleagues. Despite his shortcomings, Jacob remains a very faithful friend, and is into the honorifics of everyday life. On the battlefield, Jacob uses a large war hammer made out of a special material that expands and increases in weight to a proportionate size. In order to use this weapon as efficiently as possible, Jacob has trained for the majority of his career, rarely getting any actual use out of the weapon in favor of improving in the skill.

Main Article: Alex Slywen

Assistant Captain: Alex Slywen

Alex Slywen is not what a normal assistant captain would be described as. She does not often go into the field, but instead does the clerical work her captain constantly forgets to do. She does have an innate magic ability though, and it is considered one of the most dangerous. She has a degree of telepathic and telekinetic power, giving her the ability to move things of any density or constitution without ever touching it and being able to communicate across long distances without losing any real energy. The downside, of course, is her lack of physical power, and she actually has a weak constitution, so she often has to be defended or she would easily be killed or injured severely.

Eighth ForceEdit

Main Article: Suzana Ryu

Eighth Captain: Suzana Ryu

Suzana comes from a line of ninja in her family, and as such she has been trained automatically in the ways of stealth and killing. She often researches what a ninja would do in a situation, so as to have the best effect at her profession, and even knows some secrets that were only passed down through her clan. Her skills in every category a ninja could be tested in are fairly high, not perfect but still high. She is the only other captain to have two assistant captains, as one is her cousin and the other is her best friend. Like Johnithen, she couldn't choose between the two. Her base is the farthest north, far outstripping any other travel time to any other base, and it is assumed that this location attributes to her clan's origins.

Main Article: Nik Ryu

Assistant Captain: Nik Ryu

Nik is the cousin of Suzana Ryu, and is also trained in the same ways as his cousin. He doesn't have as much skill in general ninja techniques as his cousin does, but he learned how to control the inner energies of the body to manipulate certain opponents to an effect, like paralysis. He is very speedy, and prefers espionage type missions to open battle. He has even developed his own style, the Shadow Fist. When coupled with his own special weapon, he's a pretty formidable fighter.

Main Article: Jordan Reav

Assistant Captain: Jordan Reav

Jordan Reav is the second assistant captain, and is in no way related to either Suzana or Nik. He instead chose to enter the world of ninja, and has by far progressed farther than precedented, at least by his family. Ironically, he doesn't look like a ninja, or even have the air of a ninja. He looks more like a football player, and towers over most people. He likes to use bombs and large scale attacks, and often whenever he's in an open battle, the surrounding area is devastated. Hopefully he wasn't caught in the damage, like he sometimes is.

Ninth ForceEdit

Main Article: Emz Dyno

Eighth Captain: Emz Dyno

Emz is the spunky, energetic, sporty captain, and often likes to use this as a point to threaten enemies with. She has a right to do this, however, as she is most probably the best hand to hand fighter behind Gaston, but definitely outranks him in power. This is due to her force's main attribute, Mecha-war. She possesses one of the most powerful, the right hand of God. It allows her to power through things more easily, gives that same arm extra strength, and also saves her from her born ability.

Main Article: Shahn Sky

Assistant Captain: Shahn Sky

Shahn is the first member of the eighth force, apart from Emz, and as such has trained in the Mecha-wars far longer than anyone else. His own mecha-wars allow him unprecedented speed, and extra velocity to his kicks. He grew up liking running, and he became a messenger when he was younger, so he has experience in endurance and speed, but doesn't really match the strength that his captain has. He is a very relaxed guy, and, despite being black, most of his colleagues call him "the whitest black guy I know", much to his and others' chagrin.

Tenth ForceEdit

Main Article: Zakc Shwartz

Tenth Captain: Zakc Shwartz

Zack Shwartz (born Zacharias Shuarts) is that one person in your life you meet who practically ruins their own, but remains completely happy despite such things. Zakc has dabbled in the likes of alcohol, drugs, prostitution, and often crime rings around the area. He was part of a powerful six months before he joined the Guardians, and when he was attempting to rob an inn that James happened to be staying at, he was over powered, and was asked to serve the world in return for having his name cleared. He accepted, knowing he was stuck either way. Now he's the captain of the tenth force, and is the leader of the mobile corps. Zakc's force consists of people who use enhanced material to form ways of getting around, such as boards or panels made out of Levinite. Zakc is also trained in swordplay in general and uses his mobility to his advantage.

Main Article: Oliver Kristichena

Assistant Captain: Oliver Kristichena

Oliver Kristichena isn't a huge fan of his name, so he prefers t be called Kris instead. This has become a known fact throughout the region, and he gets a bit more than annoyed if someone besides his parents or family calls him Oliver. Oliver uses many different types of projectile weapons, and often uses daggers when he closes in. he uses the same type of transportation as his captain, but his seems to be speedier. It is known to get chipped or cracked, and it was broken once, which implies that Zakc's is sturdier. He is proud of his heritage from the western area of the continent, becomes miffed when someone makes a crack about it.

Eleventh ForceEdit

Main Article: Wasa Mandulie

Eleventh Captain: Wasa Mandulie

Wasa Mandulie makes use of an ancient and powerful magic, which is simultaneously in tune with his own body and the nature surrounding him. This comes in the form of intricate tattoos over his body, ranging from his arms to his chest and reaching onto his back. These are incorporated into attacks by forcing energy into them, giving them not only three dimensional shape but also solidity. These tattoos grow into animals ranging from dingos to giant crocodiles, and he controls them by thought. But, the main drawback is that if he summons one of these guardians, he cannot move from a preset location. He is a very mature yet fun loving guy, and absolutely adores children. he's always willing to fight for what's right, often ending up making the right side win anyway.

Main Article: Marianna Getsugo

Marianna Getsugo is the frail, thin, almost ethereal assistant captain of the eleventh force. She was originally an orphan, and was found at a young age by Wasa. She was practically raised by him, and as such also uses the same type of magic he does. She for some reason has an extreme fear of weaponry, and often stops functioning if in the presence of a blade. This would allude towards some event in her life before she was found by Wasa that effected her permanently. She can be very timid, but often fume in a very dangerous way, taking it out a lot on people she may not even know.

Twelfth ForceEdit

Main Article: Lydean Angler

Twelfth Captain: Lydean Angler

The captain of perhaps the largest base own by the Guardians definitely needs the space. Her force is famous for beast taming, where the highest members have Soul Beasts, or animals they meet very early in their lives and continue through life with, through either travel, hunting, or living. Most soul tamers have their beasts match their personalities, and in Lydean's case she met a small bird outside her bedroom window, which one day grew into the largest bird in the world, the Roc. The giant avian goes with her whenever she goes in a mission, and as such they share a solid bond. Lydean's base is on the shore, jutting far enough underwater so that the one leviathan rider can reach their soul-beast, and the one Behemoth rider can reach their own beast as well. The base also spirals, very high, where her Roc rests, as it cannot live in the city where its partner does. Lydean is a mother of four, and she also owns one of the region's most famous restaurants, well named as Anglers'.

Main Article: Renee Angler

Assistant Captain: Renee Angler

Renee is the eldest daughter of the four children Lydean Angler has, three daughters and one son. She often likes to take very many things upon herself, hoping that the number of things she does will make up for her quiet personality. She is in a way picky, and always does her paper work, so she mostly keeps the force in order. She, like her mother, has a Soul Beast, and it was originally a small cat that wandered into the back alley of her mother's restaurant. It is now a giant saber-toothed cat, and she uses it mostly as a mount and battle partner. She has lovingly named it "Thumper".

Thirteenth ForceEdit

Main Article: Grey Lancer

Thirteenth Captain: Grey Lancer

Grey Lancer is an oddity among the captains, as he has not selected an assistant captain, and he has made it known he does not want to either. This has made some to call him the "old Wolf", as he is a loner and once upon a time smoked almost to his death. He now wears a special neck strap that has air crystals imbedded into the material that allows him to breath normally. He is very skilled in combat, once being a military general, and has been rumored to have taught James how to fight. He has developed a science of magic that allows him to resonate his weapon or himself at the same frequency as other objects, allowing him or his weapon to pass through them without leaving a trace.

Fourteenth ForceEdit

Main Article: Hollis Stenart

Fourteenth Captain: Hollis Stenart

Hollis Stenart is the lovable old man that often appears in life, and was once a scholar, studying all of history. He was living happily in his libraries until one day it was overran by Demons. Hollis was swept away by a tide of demons, but opened a book he had with him to a page that had a very old seal, which he activated out of pure luck. The demons were sent to a different dimension, and when he got back to his library, the giant cathedral like building was entirely flattened. He eventually found a way to seek revenge, and knowledge, in the Guardians, and now keeps track of the largest archives the organization has. He uses what some would call old fashioned magic, mostly seals and barriers, but they are devastating nonetheless.

Main Article: Mauri Genera

Assistant Captain: Mauri Genera

Mauri Genera had a history of being the bad kid on the block, and was often called a moron, or stupid. It was true, as he rarely studied, and he never showed up to his local school. But, once, he stumbled across his captain, still then a scholar, and he developed an interest in learning. Now, he is the assistant captain of the fourteenth force, and considered one of the most philosophical of the force. He asks a lot of questions, and handles the intelligence reports in the force. He has picked up a fair amount of his techniques from his captain, but has gained a few from many other sources.

Fifteenth ForceEdit

Main Article: Megan Catzern

Fifteenth Captain: Megan Catzern

Megan, like Parren, was one of the people who "founded" the Guardians. She, Parren, and James all lived in the same town, and when the two males left to find a new place to build a base on, she stayed where the old Guardians station was, recruiting new members wherever they came and completing missions whenever they came. Megan shares a common style with James and Parren, using a single sword and often a single type of magic, but she not only uses the rarely utilized darkness magic, but she also is one of the more aggressive captains. She often uses a cloud-like transport vehicle, of unknown constitution, to travel longer distances, and has often been depicted by fan art (yes, she has fans) as carrying a scythe. She can be described as energetic, but has more than once acted like a child. She is very motherly towards her assistant captain, and often helps those who approach those personally.

Main Article: Alex Gardnet

Assistant Captain: Alex Gardnet

Alex Gardner was originally part of the second force, but was transferred due to her captain's wishes. She was once fairly unskilled in swordplay, and was also at the same level with magic, and had tried her best to improve, but never truly made any progress. she was once in a for-fun tournament in the Guardians HQ, during a visit by Megan. She had luckily made it to the final round, against Ean Eromalc, but lost quickly to the captain. After no consolence from him, she sadly walked away, back to her dorm. She was caught by Megan, who offered to teach her how to beat Ean, and since then she has improved considerably. She now uses a variety of magic on intermediate levels, and uses the same style exactly as her captain.

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